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Business Development Employment Charter

What Employers Can Expect from Us

When you invest in a partnership with Tower Hamlets College

1. Before the start of the Course/Training Programme or Business Support Intervention

We will provide comprehensive information on training programmes, our courses/qualifications, and our wider employer offer, including:

  • The ways in which any given course can be studied e.g. full-time, part-time, flexible learning, work based assessment
  • Content of courses and how they will be assessed
  • Course costs and when/how to pay. This will include information regarding any additional financial or funding opportunities that may be available to you and your team member
  • The support services we provide for companies including arrangements for learners with additional support needs
  • Advice and guidance on progression
  • Analysis on how our support or intervention will impact upon your bottom line
  • Any additional business support that may help your business and the criteria around receiving that support. We will respond to all enquiries in a professional and timely manner and pledge to:
    • Provide feedback telephone enquiries within 24 hours
    • Acknowledge emails and written enquiries within 24 hours
    • Arrange an interview or training needs analysis with one of our Client Managers
    • Refer you to either a brokerage service or an alternative provider if we are unable to deliver appropriate solutions for your needs

2. At the Start of the Course/Training Programme or Business Support Intervention

We will provide an induction programme, during which essential information will be given and explained to you. This will include:

  • Course training
  • The structure and content of the course, and the ways in which the course will be taught
  • Who will be teaching, tutoring or assessing
  • The course timetable, attendance times and dates of any holidays
  • How progress will be monitored and assessed, including an indication of the amount of homework and private study that will be required
  • How and with what regularity progress is reported and discussed with you and your learners.
  • Business support
  • Discussion of your requirements and confirmation of how we can assist
  • The nature of the support that will be delivered
  • The cost (nominal or real, as appropriate)
  • Agree a plan of action
  • Timeframes for responses and follow-ups, as appropriate
  • What paperwork we need you to complete

In addition, each learner will be given an overview of the course, and our Student Handbook, which details the support available to all our students and includes information on: Course Rules, Complaints and Grievance Procedures, Health and Safety requirements and our Equal Opportunities Policy.

3. During the Course or Business Support Intervention we will provide:

  • High quality teaching and learning which takes into account individual learning needs to maximise your workforce’s potential
  • Teachers and trainers, who are committed to the promotion of learning
  • Regular monitoring of progress throughout the course to deliver constructive advice, support and feedback on achievement to the learner and the employer
  • Develop plans and strategies which will clearly indicate how the learner can develop
  • Give both learners and the employer the opportunity to evaluate the training during its progress and at the end of the programme.
  • Business Support: professional, high quality advice and support from experienced business advisers
  • Presentation of alternatives and their relative merits for the client’s circumstances
  • Attendance at specialist seminars and workshops where applicable
  • Reviews of progress toward agreed objectives
  • Confidentiality regarding your business affairs

What we expect from Employers

We expect you to:

  • Provide us with your contact details so we can communicate with you
  • Release the employee where appropriate as agreed from work commitments to allow attendance at College
  • Feedback immediately if you have any questions, concerns or complaints
  • Pay in accordance with agreed terms
  • Provide us with information relating to business size, turnover as required for funded business support
  • Complete any paperwork required by funding authorities 
  • That learners co-operate fully with College staff and share the responsibility for their learning
  • Punctual attendance at all required activities
  • Completion and submission of work on time
  • Support our Equal Opportunities policy and refuse to take part in any behaviour which degrades or discriminates against others
  • Adopt a courteous and reasonable manner which shows respect for all members of the College community, its property and buildings
  • A positive commitment to the college course and learning goals
  • Abide by the terms of the learning agreement they have signed